Rakshith's Website

This is my website for Computer Science 1. We
are learning C#. C# is for making Windows apps.
This is my first year of programming. Some day
I want to take computer science at UCLA and then
work as a software engineer at Google.


GoodBye Project


This Project displays goodbye in five different languages.

Help Page


This Project displays the logo, trademark, and help page of my company and also gives company background.

Mailing label


This Project allows the user to display their maillabel information.

Car Rental


This Project shows starting and ending odometer of car and allows users to see total miles driven and cost of miles. Shows the cost for a certain number of days while also allowing the user to display their information and shows the manager total sales, average sales, and totalpeople that used the cars for rental.



This Project enables the user to calculate their bmi and add more people to see the average bmi and total number of people.

Car Rental 2


This Project enables the user to see staring and ending odometer nd shows the user their information while also allowing the user to choose what kind of car they want to rent. Shows the price for boise sound speaking system and leather seating and also calculates the price for cars and extras and shows the manager the total sales, average sales, and totalcars.

Test Score Program


This Project enables the user to enter two test scores on a scoring out of one hundred nd after the user inputs the score they will be given a letter grade for each score. They will also be given the average test score of the two tests and they will aslo be given the better test score.

Dice Program


This Project enables the user to roll two dice randomly and adds the dice to get the sum and displays the total rolls of dice.It also show the total times each sum is achieved by rolling the dice. Shows total percentage for each sum that is rolled. Also shows the imageof dice.

Craps Game


This Project enables the user to roll two dice randomly and adds the dice to get the sum and total rolls of the dice. Shows the total sum of the dice and plays the crap game, while also showing if the user wins or loses.

Slot Machine


This Project enables the user to roll the slot machine and displays three images for each roll and if all the images are the same than the user will win the grand prize.The grand prize will go up every time the user loses the bet. The user is allowed to bet from one to five dollars. The user is allowed to enter credits and the user will lose if credits reach zero. Once the credits reach zero the user will have to re enter the credits to continue playing and the user is unable to bet with more credits than he currently has.

T-Shirt Program


This Project is a t-shirt program made for the Very Very Boards company and enables the user to choose sizes of shirts and also the option of a monogram or a pocket. The user can add to their order and the manager can see grand total, total number of shirts sold, and total number of orders from the customers that buy from Very Very Boards.

NCAA College Bowl


This Project enables he user to see the history of the Universities of Alabama and Clemson. The user can choose to make either teams flag big or small. The user is able to also see both football teams 2018 schedules. The User can also see all the bowl games that both football teams went to with the scores and the team that won,tied, or lost displayed.

Fish Program


This Project simulates an aquarium through 8 picture boxes. The fish randomly moves left or right and cannot leave the aquarium. The fish faces the direction that it moves and the user can use the auto button to automatically move the fish. Two labels keep track of how many times the fish hits the side of the tank and how many times it moves.

Fish 2D Project


This Project displays an aquarium with three rows of eight picture boxes. The fish makes random up,down,left,or right movements and faces the direction it travels. The user can detemine how fast the fish swims and labels will keep track of how many times the fish touches the top,bottom,right and left, sides of the tank. A predator fish will also be in the aquarium and with all the properties of the fish but the predator fish will run on a timer and eat the normal fish if theyland on the same square ending the game.

N Factorial


This Project displays calculations where the user can choose the number for n. The calculations include displaying number 1 to n with addition, dispaying numbers 1 to n with factorial, displaying fibonacci sequence , displaying even numbers from 2 to n and adding them up,and displaying odd numbers from 1 to n and adding them up.



This Project allows the user to play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe with another user. The first player is always X and the second player is always O. If player one or two wins, the message box will tell the users who won and will restart the game. If the game results in a tie than the message box willtell the players it was a tie game and then will retart the game.

Basic AI Project


This Project allows the user to be a character that has to run away from an enemy charcater that is on a timer. The enemy character will track the user and will kill the user if it touches the user for too long. The user will be able to kill the enemy with bulles and must kill the enemy to win the game.If the enemy kills the user, than it is game over for the user.

Starfield Project


This Project displays a moving stars giving the user a simulation of moving through a starfield. The stars move of the screen and then are replaced by new stars .

Space Invader Project


This Project allows the user to play a mini space invader game with three space invaders. The space invaders move to the side and once touching the side, they move down. The invaders each have three lives and the user has to use their spaceship that can shoot bullets to kill the mini space invaders but only moves right and left.

Gita 1 Final Project


This Project allows the user to play the game I created; StarFall. The user has to use a spaceship to kill stars and earn points. The user timed and the faser the time the better. The boss shoots balck stars that the user cannot destroy and has to dodge all the balck stars and destroy the boss to win the game.